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All the pieces are made with high quality materials, I use only precious metals and natural gemstones. Still you should pamper your new beauties a bit, here are some tips and tricks to keep them as new!




  • Keep jour jewellery at room temperature, away from direct sunlight, and somewhere with low humidity. Although gold doesn't tarnish, silver can. Leaving certain gems in direct sunlight can affect their color. Store them in a box while not wearing them. 


  • Store you pieces well! You don' t want them rubbing each other and making scratches. Keep different gemstones separate. They have a different hardness and gemstones can scratch each other and other pieces.


  • If even necessary, clean your jewellery by using a few drops of mild soap and warm water with a soft toothbrush. Rinse well and pet dry after cleaning. Before any jewellery is stored, make sure that it is clean and dry.


  • Avoid wearing your beauties to bed, while swimming, practicing sports or in the shower.


  • If jewellery should lose its shine or gets oxidized (like silver does when not wearing it), you can clean it with a cloth specially made for cleaning silver. It is also possible to use special solutions for cleaning silver or gold jewellery. Dip the piece in the solution and rinse it off. Pet dry afterwards.